Grandbaby delay

The first post by CrossCountry Bob of 2023!

In February, first post?? What happened to Winnie rolling south in January?

CrossCountry Bob calls it the double grand baby delay.

First on the scene, Ashley, 6 pounds 14 ounces, born to Peggie’s daughter, Mariah, and her partner, Troy, on January 3…


Paintin’ Peggie says to send more than one picture as everyone loves baby pixs but its one for now!

And then on January 15, after some delivery drama (don’t ask), an 8 pound 1 ounce baby boy born to Stephanie and my son, Kenny. 


Holding that baby boy flooded CrossCountry Bob with (long ago) memories of holding Kenny some seconds after his birth.  Life bursts forth in sudden pulses and, then, having burst forth, all is different…new and better but different.  CrossCountry Bob experienced it then and now Kenny starts out…the long road of parenthood is ahead for him, thick with responsibility and rewards that are unique and last a lifetime.

And after these new pulses of life, what is an RV trip down south? A dim light in comparison?  No.  CrossCountry Bob will tell you what an RV trip down south is – it is warmth for older bodies on the other side of parenthood, and the pleasure of travel and discovery and time for self-realization and exploration. These are the joys that come after children are well-raised, leaving a satisfied sense of being and a mind still alive and curious.

CrossCountry Bob will stop there. At times, words can only reach to describe, never quite capturing it all.

The next post from CrossCountry Bob will be the more usual fare – travel notes and photos and, possibly, some political horrors if CrossCountry Bob feels so inclined.

All for now.

CrossCountry Bob

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