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  1. Not fun being ‘bent out of shape’ lol. Must be nice though, hitting the warmer, dry weather. Been to Quartzsite many many years ago and eclectic is an understatement. Looking forward to the next article. Have fun and Hi to Paintin’ Peggie.

  2. What adventures you two are having! Wondering how you’re finding it, towing the Jeep (we won’t talk about the bent towbar!)-but it must be nice to have transportation once you park Winnie.
    THe pictures of Bandon brought back many memories-I can almost taste the seafood.
    HOpe the weather improves as you travel south.
    We are back home now-actually the weather is almost springlike and quite sunny, so the transition hasn’t been too hard
    Happy painting and writing

  3. Well, you were asking for adventure and it seems that’s what you have! Beautiful pictures, weather is certainly the topic but the Mexican restaurant looked amazing as did the ocean life pictures!

  4. What a travelling adventure you two are having with such weather 🌦. But makes for some beautiful photos. Much more interesting than dull grey Okanagan fog! The seafood and Mexican fare sound delicious. Stay safe but keep having adventures.

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