CrossCountry Bob does Serendipity

Sliding down the West Coast, one must take the weather, people and places as one finds them; but CrossCountry Bob sometimes gets the urge to move beyond “as you find it” and indulge in “click and comment”, thereby exposing his biases, ignorance and even, perhaps, a glimmer of intelligent comment (hopefully).  Judge for yourself.

This poster was in a seafood shop in Charleston, Oregon.  Should the person who posted this be charged with heresy? In Canada, Trudeau would say this person has “unacceptable views”.

Of course, you need oil to produce those turbines in the first place

Enough of that type of reality. Did you know that the ocean produces lovely sea foam when churned by winter storms?

Attack of the sea foam 🙂

And there is always one contrarian in the crowd (don’t turn to look at CrossCountry Bob as you read that).

As CrossCountry Bob sees it, the two on the left are toeing the government line, the one on the right is taking care of business.

Another take on the gender issues of the day – it actually comes with the best advice…

Yes, please wash your hands 🙂

Meanwhile, never take anything for granted.  For example, during a pleasant day enjoying Bodega Bay, CrossCountry Bob turns around and there is some weird looking dude taking a liking to Paintin’ Peggie…

Hey, Charlie Brown!

CrossCountry Bob smiles at the term “atmospheric river”.  Sounds so ominous (probably on purpose he thinks).  Way back in the 1970’s, they called it a Pineapple Express and before that it was a “winter storm”.  Don’t we love drama when it rains and rains…

Heavy rain at our campsite (it’s the West Coast remember?)

CrossCountry Bob and Paintin’ Peggie go beachcombing (often), and invariably come across the cycle of life, it’s everwhere; a little bit sad but the cycle waits for no one.


So CrossCountry Bob and Paintin’ Peggie try to stay in the up part of the cycle instead of the down part of the cycle (don’t be a starfish in otherwords). And one thing found in the upper part of the cycle is the best fish and chips in Bodega Bay…

Yummy! (all cod, no starfish).

Another part of the cycle is kids…as in camping with kids…

It seemed fun at the time remembers CrossCountry Bob

Meanwile, CrossCountry Bob and Paintin’ Peggie are happy to be in the grandparent stage, using our limited energy supply doing our “stuff” as in, Paintin’ Peggie paints and CrossCountry Bob writes. And they both go traveling here and there and there and here.

More cycle of life.  Yummy crab sandwich…

Sustainable harvesting of wild crab – 5 stars

While CrossCountry Bob and Paintin’ Peggie prefer to sit at a table to eat, others prefer to eat right on the beach…

Chow time on an Oregon beach, or, how to eat bugs and love it.

Changing gears, at a rest stop on Interstate 5 in central California; peaceful prayer is the way to go.

Rest Stop prayers

Incoming! – Momentary panic at the Salton Sea as CrossCountry Bob sees and hears motorized paragliders.

False alarm, no weapons aboard

Dos Palmas – two palms in the 1800’s, so the story goes, turned into this; in the middle of desert, fed by underground springs pushed up by the San Andreas fault.

Fine place to visit but another big earthquake is overdue, so time to exit gracefully in Winnie – Arizona is calling and the mobility of an RV is advantage number one.

Speaking of RVs, check out this RV when money is not a concern.  That is a “Phaeton”, checking in around $400K on a good day.  Being towed is a late model F150.

All the comforts of home

In the cycle of life that CrossCountry Bob and Paintin’ Peggie inhabit, Winnie and its Jeep fit the bill.

On the road again!

Such exploration opportunity the Jeep provides! A game changer to use a well worn but apt phrase.  More about that Jeep in CrossCountry Bob’s next blog post.

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