Warm and Wet in Oregon

Well, CrossCountry Bob is back and heading south.  Staying close to home for Birthday 98 for Mom was more than worthwhile.  Great get-together with lots of wine and food and cake and…you get the picture. There were two adjacent birthdays as well, CrossCountry Bob’s son, Kenny (January 21) and CrossCountry Bob’s grandson, Ellis, (January 15) Age 1.

Great grandma (98) & great grandson (age 1)

As it turned out, there was an uninvited and unwelcome guest at the party.  This guest (first name unknown, last name Covid) cozied up and said “Hi” to some but ignored others.  Luck of the draw as they say, but nothing serious for anyone (thankfully).

The trip south for CrossCountry Bob and Paintin’ Peggie traditionally
(yikes, only year 3 and already a tradition) includes a mandatory stop in
Bandon, Oregon. Why, you ask?

Here are a few reasons:

  • beautiful state park next to that fabulous Oregon coast;
  • the best fish & chips around at a small shop at the harbour;
  • good biking country and great beach-combing
  • inspires Paintin’ Peggie to paint
  • inspires CrossCountry Bob to explore the beaches and avoid writing this blog.

And that was how it worked out for a day, getting out there (knowing the rain was coming).  

Then, as expected, the rain arrive during the night along with enough wind to shake Winnie a bit and cause Paintin’ Peggie to be awake more than asleep. In the morning, the rain decided to stay…

Testing to see if Winnie is waterproof

And when it rains all day, CrossCountry Bob and Paintin’ Peggie both work inside (and you thought this going south was all fun and leisure).  No, no, no.  Attention and focus keeps the mind strong (as Paintin’ Peggie likes to remind CrossCountry Bob from time to time (as in daily).

So there is a hidden benefit to the rain and CrossCountry Bob is fine with that just so long as the rain remembers to not overstay (hear that, weather forecaster?).

Well, time for CrossCountry Bob to have a break from writing and take a walk in the rain (no, this is not like Trudeau taking a walk in the snow).  CrossCountry Bob is not going anywhere and plans to plague you with his writings and musings for some time to come.

Oh, and you have to be careful of the wildlife when out for a walk…

And the next morning, the weather starts to co-operate with CrossCountry Bob…

After the rain

Bye for now.

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